How can I adjust the VR headset?

To start, you’ll want to gently adjust the lenses, sliding them left and then right, until they click into the position where you can most clearly see what’s on the screen. 

Then adjust the side straps. To do this, move the two sliders on either side of the top band. 

To loosen the side straps, move the slides to the top strap. To tighten the side straps, move the sliders away from the top strap. 

After moving the sliders, place the top strap between the sliders so that the two sides are even, and the top strap is cantered on your head when you put on the headset. 

Please note that you must remove the headset from your head to readjust the side straps with the sliders. 

If you wear glasses, make sure to put the spacer in front of the glasses. When you are ready to put on the headset, put it on from front to back. 

Place the headset on your head, remove it and adjust the side straps further if necessary. 

After placing the side straps, put your headset back on and adjust the top strap. You can adjust the top strap by pulling apart and reattaching the Velcro so that your Meta Quest 2 rests lightly on your face and the image is clear. 

You can fine-tune the fit and clarity of your headset by gently moving the sturdy arms on either side of your Meta Quest 2 up and down to adjust the angle of the headset against your face. 

After your headset is adjusted, follow the instructions in VR and in the Meta Quest mobile app to complete the setup process.